Company Culture Strategies – Going Beyond Just Trusting Your Gut!

CultureWise conducted a survey of 200+ leaders – asking the question… “On a scale of 1-5 how important is culture / people to driving  your bottom line? 96% of leaders believed that culture and people add to the bottom line of the organization. BUT the bottom line is that ONLY 10% are actually creating a plan to be intentional about their culture. The following podcast explains how you can get on the path of creating a better culture for your company…

Some helpful Excerpts from the Podcast…

  • MB Consulting Solutions helps small/mid-sized companies create their Culture Plan and become a “Best Place to Work” by utilizing our THRIVE Model
  • The THRIVE Model is a gap analysis and focused initiatives that will improve company morale, team performance, and profitability.
  • We help leaders reach their potential; cultivating talent, building teams, streamlining processes, and shaping culture.
  • Often the best practices can be shared through simple Culture Conversations. – and that’s what we are going to be having.
  • Future Culture Conversation Podcasts will explore the grassroots initiatives to game plans and best practices. We will be interviewing great leaders across the US to chat about what makes their workplace great. Who is responsible and leads the way to creating a great culture? What are their biggest challenges? How are they being innovative in the culture space? What are leaders doing to shift culture forward in a post-COVID world?

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MB Consulting Solutions helps leaders develop thriving cultures through discussions, gap analysis, implementation, and coaching. Join the elite 10% of businesses who are intentional about their culture and are rewarded with lower turnover, higher morale, improved productivity, and enhanced communication. When People Matter, Companies THRIVE!
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