Culture Matters

Successful organizations have thriving cultures.
Learn how we help managers develop thriving cultures.

When People Matter, Companies THRIVE!

MB Consulting Solutions helps leaders develop thriving cultures through discussions, gap analysis, implementation, and coaching. Join the elite 10% of businesses who are intentional about their culture and are rewarded with lower turnover, higher morale, improved productivity, and enhanced communication. When People Matter, Companies THRIVE!

Comprehensive Culture Package

Comprehensive culture planning, implementation, and accountablity package.

Culture Discovery Session (Free)

A discovery session to uncover your needs and problem areas.

Strategic Culture Planning Sessions

A review of company culture to explore challenges and create solutions.

Culture Implementation Sessions

Ongoing culture sessions to successfully implement the strategic culture plan.

Culture Accountability Sessions

Evaluating the culture plan's results after implementation and making adjustments.

Cards for Culture Game Facilitation

While the game is setup to allow organizations to conduct their own session, sometimes a little extra help is needed to get the most out of the exercise.

Speaking Engagements

Have Melanie Booher be a guest speaker at your event, training, or workshop. All events, trainings, and workshops will be customized for your audience.

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9 Reasons To Invest in Employee Retention…

9 Reasons To Invest in Employee Retention…

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