What Clients Are Saying…

“Every word of Melanie’s book Conscious Culture resonates; her Thrive Model frameworks how to humanize productive workplace environments; and her practical approach to culture digs deep to effect real and lasting change. I love everything she’s doing.” – Mark Perone


“I’ve worked with many HR professionals and believe Melanie (MB to her friends!) to be at the top! What sets MB apart is her passion for helping companies and their people by shifting their culture. Culture is a difficult concept to define but one that can kill an organization if ignored or mismanaged. In my career, I’ve worked with MANY people who were the negative by-product of a poor culture. The ripple-effect on these people and their families can continue for years. I applaud MB’s commitment to changing the world, one company culture at a time!” – Peg Stookey


“Melanie’s “Cards for Culture” was a perfect choice. Through the plethora of appropriate key terms suited to our foundation, we were able to examine and discuss the various Keys to Success that resonated with ALL of us and then prioritize them. We discovered our commonalities. Highly recommended for any group eager to come together to find commonality, set goals and foster relationships!” – Lyn Hogrefe, Women’s Health Initiative Foundation


“We partnered with MB to help us create and drive a strong culture change within our organization. MB has a unique way (we love the Culture Game!) to facilitate a discussion among leaders, and help them verbalize the habits that create workplace success – driven by your vision/mission. Knowing that it’s tied to our values is very important. Our team is very excited to see the positive changes – and we are thrilled to be moving our culture forward in a positive way. If you need a partner to help you live your values and foster a strong workplace Culture (and want to get on the same page as your employees!) – you need MB.” – Ron Whitaker, Co-Owner of United Heartland


“I had the pleasure of working with Melanie where I was Chief Operating Officer at my previous company. Melanie worked with me on a variety of HR needs from compliance to training to team and culture coaching. She brings a wealth of knowledge and a truckload of energy and enthusiasm! Her passion for developing culture is evident in everything that she does. I would highly recommend Melanie to any company, small or large, that has HR needs and wants to work with someone who is committed to making each business THRIVE!” – Cindy Clement, COO at CRK Technologies


“We are a small company and wanted to make sure we were legally compliant and able to handle any HR issue with ease. I feel confident now that we can as a result of Melanie’s services!” – Client in Marketing Services


“Melanie is a trusted cultural advisor who has provided world class assistance through partnering with our HR team to provide information, recommendations, and insights regarding the health of our culture and general best practices. Melanie works very collaboratively to understand her customer, our goals, and where her expertise could best apply. She also has a deep network of other HR and operational experts that she has connected us with resulting in win-win partnerships improving our business. Melanie’s experience in leading top workplaces has helped us set and stay true to our direction and resulted in SentriLock being recognized as a winning company our category as a 2017 Best Place To Work through the Cincinnati Business Courier. I highly recommend Melanie to other organizations aspiring to be viewed as a top workplace and those who are ready to champion and empower their workforce to achieve great things!” – Geri Morgan, Chief eXperience Officer at SentriLock


“I had the privilege of working with Melanie at Kaleidoscope from 2012 to 2016. During that time she not only handled the normal day-to-day HR duties, she also championed an effort to improve the culture at Kaleidoscope. Through her leadership she was able to rally others to invest themselves in making Kaleidoscope a place you want to be at every day. Her hard work paid off when we won a “Best Places to Work” award for 2015! Melanie is a dedicated champion of company culture and a true pleasure to work with.” – Craig Jolly, Director of PMO, Kaleidoscope Innovations


“‘Strategic Vision’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Melanie. I had the pleasure of working with Melanie at Macy’s, within Human Resources. While at Macy’s I was able to see firsthand how she advised her business partners to successful accomplishment of their goals. I was always in awe of Melanie’s ability to see the clear path and methodology to reaching the desired end result. Melanie is skilled at multitasking, relationship building and leadership, which makes her outstanding in a consultant role. I enthusiastically recommend her in as a Human Resources Consultant.” – Cheryl Cowan, 5/3 Bank


“Her professional demeanor and her interactions with our team is exemplary. Melanie is approachable, eager to help with employee wants/needs, and always fosters a positive culture of growth and inclusion which was a key driver in Kaleidoscope being named the best place to work in Cincinnati 2015.” – Matt Kornau, CEO Kaleidoscope


“Melanie is a dedicated human resources professional, with particular natural aptitude and passion for corporate culture development. She is warm, relatable and empathetic, in a way that instantly connects with people. In our company, she was the architect of a series of initiatives that enabled us to win first prize in our category of Best Places to Work; a goal towards which we saw progressive improvements each year, by promoting teamwork, comradery, employee involvement and better communications. Our positive culture is palpably manifest, and in good measure responsible for our ability to attract and retain great talent. Thank you Melanie.” – Giuseppe Delena, COO