Steve Van Valin – Conscious Culture Roundtable

Steve – Founder of Culturology – works with leaders who believe people are most important / competitive advantage. During our Conscious Culture Roundtable, Steve unleashes a powerful new tool – the Meaning Maker Narrative to show true appreciation for others and help natural conversations unfold. Post-covid – everyone is focused on purpose and meaning. If it was important before, now it’s really important.

Steve shares his research related to helping people feel belonging and included. In a world where 79% quit jobs due to not feeling appreciated (SHRM) and where the “Deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated”. – William James. When saying “Great job!” isn’t enough, lacks meaning and thoughtfulness. How can we make our praise more impactful?

By starting to share a story with active verbs and catching people doing things right. Then we give recognition and appreciation using words like: “appreciate, value, respect, enjoy, admire, marvel, am energized by, grateful for, amazed by, thankful for, like working together with you, am inspired by”. But what did they do specifically that was great? Those are the behaviors that we want to see again! Delivering on expectations. Delving into the WHAT, the HOW, and big bonus – the WHY – we can amplify our appreciation, pull others in, heal some of the negativity happening in the world today.


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