Have Melanie Speak At Your Next Event!

Speaking Engagements Include…

  • Consultation with the organizer so we can customize the talk to their specific audience
  • Guest Speaker (30 to 60-minutes) or Training/Workshops (2 hour, ½ day, or 4 part series)
  • Slides customized with the event’s logo
  • Promotion through multi-media before, during, and after the event. We share promotions through our social media, mailing list, and influencer network
  • Connections with more thought leaders, sponsors, and speakers through the Influencer Network Media
  • Participation throughout the event for questions and networking
  • Providing a free THRIVE Model to the audience to drive strong workplace culture
  • Offering free 1-1 culture consultations after the event to key attendees
  • Discounts to attendees on book/game
  • Price ranges based on duration, complexity, size of event, and resources needed
  • Travel costs and presentation fees are negotiable – adjustments to speaker rates are flexible if games or books are purchased for attendees
  • Discounted rates are available for Online/Zoom Speaking events

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Comprehensive Culture Package

Comprehensive culture planning, implementation, and accountablity package.

Culture Discovery Session (Free)

A discovery session to uncover your needs and problem areas.

Strategic Culture Planning Sessions

A review of company culture to explore challenges and create solutions.

Culture Implementation Sessions

Ongoing culture sessions to successfully implement the strategic culture plan.

Culture Accountability Sessions

Evaluating the culture plan's results after implementation and making adjustments.

Cards for Culture Game Facilitation

While the game is setup to allow organizations to conduct their own session, sometimes a little extra help is needed to get the most out of the exercise.

Speaking Engagements

Have Melanie Booher be a guest speaker at your event, training, or workshop. All events, trainings, and workshops will be customized for your audience.

What Clients Are Saying...

“Melanie is a trusted cultural advisor who has provided world class assistance. Her experience in leading top workplaces has helped us set and stay true to our direction and resulted in SentriLock being recognized ... as a Best Place To Work. I highly recommend Melanie to other organizations aspiring to be viewed as a top workplace and those who are ready to champion and empower their workforce to achieve great things!” – Geri Morgan, Chief eXperience Officer at SentriLock