Pay It Forward – How Human Resources and Culture Shaping Can Set Your Business Up for Future Success…

When a situation becomes uncomfortable… those are the times for growth. That’s when it is time to really lean in and change things for the better. With the current events shaking up how we define work and personal priorities, no time is better than now to change your company culture so your business can thrive in the future. 

Melanie is a Culture Coach

Melanie has a proven track record as a Culture Coach helping organizations become a “Best Place to Work” by instilling big-company best practices within an entrepreneurial environment. Rooted in her experiences as a people connector, change agent, and business coach – she drives organizations to truly live their values, not just post them on the conference room walls.

Melanie Helps Companies With…

  • Culture Strengthening
  • Leadership Development
  • Fractional HR & Recruitment
  • Diversity Equity & Inclusion Programs
  • Leveling-up your People Operations/HR

Join us to get certified as a Culture Champion for your organization. MB Solutions is here to work together with you as we focus on the Heart of our organizations — supporting our people to THRIVE!

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About MB Consulting Solutions

MB Consulting Solutions helps leaders develop thriving cultures through discussions, gap analysis, implementation, and coaching. Join the elite 10% of businesses who are intentional about their culture and are rewarded with lower turnover, higher morale, improved productivity, and enhanced communication. When People Matter, Companies THRIVE!
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