Inspiration for Your Organization Is In My Book… Conscious Culture: A Game Plan to Build a Great Workplace

Are you building a culture that helps people thrive? How do you win and differentiate yourself from other employers? Does your organization have a culture strategy to align with your hiring, employee performance, and business growth? Through “conscious culture,” we can define success behaviors for employees to thrive in their daily work. We combine our efforts in key areas, Leadership Development, Strategic Planning, Team Dynamics with our Organizational Culture to align our people, goals, and growth to sustain results.

Conscious Culture: A Game Plan to Build a Great Workplace

MB Consulting Solutions is pleased to offer a book with insights to support your practices, programs, and HR processes to build or maintain a THRIVE culture. Conscious Culture book provides guidance for a game plan to build a great workplace for your employees!
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Do You Need Workforce Insights?

Ask yourself, do you understand how your employees feel? Have you appropriately set expectations for appropriate culture-aligned behaviors? Through this Game Plan to Build a Great Workplace, you can listen and define the roles of productivity, collaboration, and communication as it relates to your culture. Conscious Culture provides tools for your organization and an opportunity to begin important conversations. These conversations bring key insights about how your culture can proactively define what is desired, address any culture gaps or issues happening in your organization, and create a solid plan to help your organization move forward.

Using Culture to Proactively Boost Employee Performance

Employees and their leaders are determining what they want, need, and require from their employers. We are rapidly re-engaging in our work in a new way with a post-pandemic reality – where many are experiencing a new feeling coined YOLO – “You only live once”. Employees want a culture that fits their career, dreams, and work environment needs. And they don't want to settle for less. How can we have our proverbial cake and eat it too? Tracey Danner-Odenwelder, founder of Total Dynamic Organization, shares that “there is a direct correlation between healthy organizational culture and high-performing businesses.” With the game plan provided in our new book, Conscious Culture, organizations can help their employees and leaders reengage in their organizational culture to continue as high- performing organizations.

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MB Consulting Solutions helps leaders develop thriving cultures through discussions, gap analysis, implementation, and coaching. Join the elite 10% of businesses who are intentional about their culture and are rewarded with lower turnover, higher morale, improved productivity, and enhanced communication. When People Matter, Companies THRIVE!
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