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It was one of the most important days of my career and a pivotal point for our organization’s future – and he didn’t show up.

Rewind to the fall of 2015, where I was fortunate to be part of a team invited to attend the Best Place to Work pep rally event at the Cintas Center at Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH. It was there that the “Aha” moment I needed to spur me into entrepreneurship happened.

After months of preparing for the big event and pep rally, the team was ready and excited to attend. Our leadership team granted everyone a half-day off (which is already a huge deal in most organizations but a really major accomplishment in a billable environment). Donning matching t-shirts, light up noise makers and orange pompoms in place – our hopes were aimed at winning. I felt like a kid at Christmas, and our team was so excited that you could feel the positivity like an electric charge throughout the arena.

However, on the morning of the event, the crack that I had been holding together with duct tape and dreams started to sever. It started with a text from our CEO in which he said that he would not be attending. “Are you ok? Is your mom ok? What’s going on?” I grasped for an answer. The crack was getting bigger and bigger. And he casually replied, “Yeah, I’m fine. But this stuff is like kids’ soccer. Everyone gets a prize. You go – I’m just not really into it.”

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