Conscious Culture Excerpts – Why Leadership Needs To Celebrate The Wins…

In a blur of pep rally cheering and announcements, we jumped out of our seats and began the sea of high fives and hugs when our name was announced as the winner for our size organization.

First place. Officially considered a “Best Place to Work.”

Such a proud moment and yet also so very sad. It was a day of great success…and also great failure. Our CEO did not see the value of attending the event to support the (his) team, building into our strong culture. He didn’t get to see the excitement of the team rallying and celebrating all that we had accomplished.

When we returned to the office that Monday, I offered him a high five. He looked at me strangely and said, “What’s that for?” I was dumb struck. Really? We just won a huge award, and he couldn’t ride that high for four days.


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