Conscious Culture Excerpts – How One Company’s Poor Culture Resulted In Them Losing 73% of a Successful Team…

Each year in the fall, a favorite photo resurfaces on Facebook, and the mix of memories (overwhelming joy and sadness) come flooding back. The photo shows 15 of my all-time favorite colleagues – so excited at our accomplishment. Wearing our matching shirts and huge smiles and proudly holding our pompoms high. The excitement is palpable. And there I am in the middle – glowing with excitement and proudly holding our Best Place to Work trophy. It’s a favorite memory surrounded by some of my favorite colleagues of all time.

It’s important to understand that only 4 out of 15 of those smiling faces are still employed at the company. A sad 26.67% retention rate of amazing people. Because good people don’t continue working for leaders who don’t appreciate them, who don’t value people and culture and who don’t show up on important days.

We shall use this story a launching point because while I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished thus far, it’s really just beginning.


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