A Conversation With Steve Van Valin – How To Collaborate and Build Relationships While Working in a Virtual Setting…

Steve and Melanie talk about how to approach culture with fresh lenses due to all the changes in the world! Steve Van Valin is CEO & Founder of Culturology. Culturology is a consulting firm that shapes cultures as a competitive advantage. Consulting on strategy, tactics and training solutions as a catalyst for positive change. They innovate as change-makers to drive brand experience and enable high-performance accountability to retain/attract your top talent. Steve believes “Engagement makes all the difference.”

Steve talks about about people are feeling really disconnected with the new virtual way we are doing business. He talks about how collaboration and relationship building is suffering. Steve has many ideas about how to combat this problem and one of them is to “catch people doing things right!” and then sharing it with them. Once clients can recognize their employees and partners doing things right, they can give them appreciation for it. Steve has created a formula for recognizing people and calls it…

The Meaning Maker Narrative

  1. Let them know what they did
  2. Let them know how they did it
  3. Let them know why it matters

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